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If you're looking for fun things to do in Erie, PA, consider what's free. So I wanted to make a list of some of the free things you can do as a child in and around Erie for the next few weeks. Some of these activities are unique in the region and some are considered "free."

Erie Bluffs State Park is a state park where visitors can enjoy recreation, education and other activities. The cliff face is in the heart of Erie city and offers a variety of restaurants, shops and discoveries.

Millions visit Erie each year for the casino and racecourse named after the state park. Don't miss out on some of the other fun things you can do in Erie Pennsylvania, even if you have a tight schedule. You will love this list of things that are done in Lancaster, PA, as well as some other interesting things in the city of Erie and some things that are done in Pittsburgh.

If beer is your drink of choice, Lake Erie Ale Trail offers some of the best beers in the area, as well as great food and entertainment. There are a lot of wineries to enjoy while visiting Northwestern Pennsylvania, such as the Blue Ridge Winery in Lancaster, PA.

Major attractions include the Erie Maritime Museum in Erie, PA, Lake Erie National Park and Niagara Riverfront Park. A visit to the ships of the museum inspires you to learn about the Founding War of 1812. The Maritime Museum of Erie shows the devastating damage suffered by US Brig Lawrence during the war in the Battle of Lake Erie. Enjoy the flagship Niagara, commanded by Commodore Perry during the War of 1812, as well as other historic U.S. Navy ships. The Erie Maritime Museum also houses the US Brig Niagara, which was rebuilt in 1988 from original parts.

The Erie Zoo and Botanical Gardens address is located on the corner of East Main Street and West Erie Avenue in Erie, PA. It is a short walk from Erie National Park and Niagara Riverfront Park and about half a mile from Lake Erie.

This is a fantastic park and a great way to stay active with the family and get out of the city during your time in Erie. Erie Zoo and Botanical Gardens as well as Niagara Riverfront Park are full of fun, but there are also plenty of good restaurants, shops and other places to visit in the city.

If you want to do something, you can enjoy the views from the Bicentennial Tower or if you are a little more secluded, head to Presque Isle State Park, which juts out into the lake. Some examples of indoor events include fireside conversations, picnics, bike rides and other outdoor activities, as well as the offering of beats.

The Erie Maritime Museum provides visitors with exhibits and resources to learn about the history of the Erie Canal and its connection to the city of Erie, as well as its history as a port of call.

Over the years and with changing locations, the museum has housed some of the most impressive art collections you'll discover in Erie, Pennsylvania. Since the museums have changed location over the years, they have been housed in the same building for many decades.

It is a unique and great experience to visit the museum, which is located on the Erie waterfront. From the top of Centennial Tower, we head up to the port of Niagara and the Niagara River, as well as the Erie Canal.

The tower overlooks Lake Erie and has two viewing platforms overlooking the city of Niagara and the Niagara River and the Erie Canal. The best view of Erie can be enjoyed from the Centennial Tower or climb to the second viewing platform on the west side of the building, where you can admire the canal, Niagara Falls and other historic sites.

re a family looking for fun things or attending college, Erie, Pennsylvania has so much to see, do and experience. About Lake Erie Presque Isle State Park is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout Pennsylvania. From April to October, barge owners from all over the world enjoy the sun and picnic on the beach of the State Park.

If you're looking for a way to relax and still learn about the area, Erie, PA has many top activities for a family vacation. From sprawling water parks to exciting roller coasters, this Lake Erie destination in the northwestern corner of Pennsylvania has plenty of affordable ideas for a family vacation. Erie is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pennsylvania and it is so much fun to get involved.

If you're looking for something good in Erie, Pennsylvania on a rainy day, there's also a large movie theater in the center with a variety of movies at no extra cost. The Erie Maritime Museum houses a steam-powered power generation facility and an interactive exhibit commemorating the Battle of Lake Erie in 1813. Learn more about the important role Lake Erie has played in American history at the Erie Museum of Natural History and History, a museum focused on the history of the Great Lakes.

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