Erie Pennsylvania Wyndham Hotel

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Those who travel to Harrisburg or Gettysburg can plan a few hours side trip, but not miss it. This hotel is located just a short walk from the Sheraton Bebe in the heart of the city, directly opposite PennDOT headquarters.

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Stay at West Side Ymca 61, a one-bedroom two-bed, four-bath hotel in the heart of downtown Erie, Pennsylvania.

Clarion Suites Hotel Lake Erie offers a one-bedroom, twin, quadruple and bathroom in the heart of downtown Erie, Pennsylvania. It also features additional amenities such as a pool, spa, fitness centre and spa facilities. These include an indoor pool with a private pool and lake views, and an outdoor pool.

This family-run park, Willow Lake, is located in the heart of downtown Erie, Pennsylvania, just blocks from the Clarion Suites Hotel. The lake offers plenty of space to play, both on land and on the water, and there is even an ironing board and a picnic area overlooking the glittering shores of Lake Erie.

Situated on the shores of Lake Erie, this beautiful destination is the perfect place for guests looking for a relaxing weekend away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Erie. The lodge on Lake Geneva offers a fun family holiday with hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking and a variety of other activities for the whole family.

If you really want to explore downtown, Lake Geneva and the Wisconsin countryside, you can hire a vehicle for your family. If you wish to bring a dog or cat, please read the hotel's pet policies to find out if pets are allowed at Wyndham Bel - Aire Erie. Located in the heart of downtown Erie, just blocks from downtown, this resort is conveniently located for guests arriving from outside the city.

Sales of the motel are overseen by John D. Smith, Sales and Marketing Director of Wyndham Bel-Aire Erie.

Indian Creek Rv Camping Resort is a 55-minute drive from Erie and features a seasonal outdoor pool. The Geneva State Park Marina is located in the adventure zone just a short walk west and local attractions include Lake Erie, Niagara River, Huron Lake and Niagara Falls. Mountain Aviation is the firm base for Wyndham Bel Aire Erie Aircraft and offers national and international jet charters through August 17, 2020. Just around the corner is Beaver County Airport, home to Erie International Airport and Erie Airport.

The lodge on Lake Geneva is a AAA 3-rated diamond-encrusted destination, with a lounge and gift shop overlooking beautiful Lake Erie. The lodge is the first of its kind in the state of Pennsylvania and began with the aim of offering guests an inspiring holiday in Ohio.

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More About Erie