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One of the best things to do in Erie, PA on a rainy or wintry day is visit the Erie Art Museum. If you're looking for a more relaxed beach getaway, Erie also has the beautiful Presque Isle State Park. Surprisingly, there are a total of 11 beaches at Lake Erie, which are absolutely free to visit. From April to October barge owners from all over the world enjoy the sun and sunbathe on the beach.

If you don't have time for a full day at the beach in Erie, we recommend you spend at least an hour or two at Presque Isle State Park. This is a fantastic park, and visiting it is one of the most entertaining activities on a rainy or wintry day, especially in the summer months. If you are a little more remote, head down to beautiful Lake Erie National Wildlife Refuge or the Great Lakes National Forest. If you're traveling outside of Erie, this is a great way to stay active with your family.

The best views in Erie are from the top of the Great Lakes National Wildlife Refuge or Lake Erie National Forest. You can see it from the highest point of the park, but also from all over the state, and it is one of our favorite places in Pennsylvania.

There are many fun things to do in Erie, PA, and the activities for Erie children are endless. Top attractions include the Great Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and Lake Erie National Forest. There are many top attractions in the city, such as the Erie Museum of Natural History and Erie State Park. If you are looking for a way to relax and still learn about the area, there are a lot of great attractions and activities available for children and teenagers only, as well as a variety of other activities and events.

Enjoy the flagship Niagara, commanded by Commodore Perry during the 1812 war, and learn about the important role Lake Erie played in American history. From the 1811 war to the present day, the Erie Maritime Museum takes visitors on a tour of the many people and events around Lake Niagara, as well as the history of Erie State Park and the Great Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. They will also take you on a journey through the events that surrounded Lake Erie from its beginnings to its current status as a major oil and gas source.

The Erie Maritime Museum opened its doors in 1998 and offers hundreds of exhibits exploring the city's cultural beginnings. Downtown, they tell the story of Lake Erie from its origins to its present day, and inform visitors through exhibits and resources featuring historical artifacts, artifacts and artifacts from Erie State Park and the Great Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. In addition to the collection of historic buildings and sites, the museum also houses a steam-powered power generation system and an interactive exhibition commemorating the Battle of Lake Erie in 1813, as well as an exhibition on the history of Niagara Falls.

re a family looking for fun things, or a college, Erie, Pennsylvania, has so much to see, do and experience. Founded in 1898 as Erie Art Club, it is the flagship - a museum for art and history lovers. Over the years, and with the museum's changing locations, it has housed some of the most impressive art collections to be discovered in Erie Pennsylvania.

When you book Erie for a family vacation, you should look for the expansive water parks, exciting roller coasters, and a variety of restaurants and bars.

This Lake Erie destination is located in the northwestern tip of Pennsylvania, so you will find many affordable ideas for a family vacation. Check out our list of 9 interesting things to do in Erie, Pennsylvania for a fun and affordable vacation. Even if you have a tight schedule, don't miss other fun things you can do around Erie Pennsylvania. There are so many beautiful things to do in Buffalo, New York, that it is one of the most popular destinations for family vacations in America.

The Great Lakes Seaway Trail is a scenic 518-mile drive along the shores of Lake Erie, the largest lake in the United States and one of the most beautiful in the world. Take a scenic drive along the path that stretches from the Ohio-Pennsylvania border to Rooseveltown, New York. The EriePA route includes a trip to the Eriee Wine Trail, which explores some of the best wines of Eriee, as well as a visit to a number of restaurants and bars in the area.

Presque Isle State Park stretches across Lake Erie and is known as one of the most scenic state parks in the USA and the second largest state park in Pennsylvania. This is a large natural area covering approximately 1.5 million square miles (2.3 million acres) of land and located within the boundaries of Erie County, Pennsylvania, the largest county in the state. It is a peninsula that stretches into Lake Erie and offers a lot of leisure opportunities for visitors to the city.

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