Ohio firefighters monitor blaze in docked ship; no injuries

Published 02-17-2019

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OREGON, Ohio (AP) - A fire continues to burn inside a Lake Erie docked vessel as Ohio firefighters try to cool the ship in an incident with no injuries.

The fire broke out on the deck of the St. Clair Saturday night at the Port of Toledo in northern Ohio. The cause is still undetermined.

Denny Hartman is chief of the fire department in Oregon, Ohio. He said Sunday morning that the fire apparently burned through the deck and ignited an enormous rubber conveyor belt below.

Hartman likened the conditions to a tire fire, which are notoriously difficult to put out.

The chief said firefighters are spraying water on the ship to keep it cool to avoid structural damage while the fire smolders.

The Coast Guard and U.S. EPA are on the scene.

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